Friday, 18 December 2009

31 Days

Stepping out of the shower, his face scrubbed raw, Never tried to
see through the steam.
Mr Crimson sat on the velvet throne, purring in the steamy heat.
"I would have scratched his face up, but you know, I was stuck in
here wasn'i. Maybe leave one of them windows open a bit?"
"I will I will"
"Make my belly busy"
"Is that it, Crimson, is that the extent of your bedside manner ?"
"I said I'd have clawed the shit out of his front face, didn'i."
That was the best Never would get out of Mr. Crimson, but in cat
terms that's pretty good.
Never needed some technology, by way of self
He would go to town, to Fenwicks, and perhaps buy a digital
watch or something.

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