Monday, 7 December 2009

31 Days

Outside Fenwicks's's' window ...
... it wasn't Chrimbo yet, but people were in a good mood.
Barry thumped his tubs on and off for, oh, gone nine hours.
Never did his little dance for the people, too.
At one point a little fecker of a kid tried to grab at one of Barry's
tubs but Barry is like a maniac on them things when he gets goin
.... and he was well and truly gone ... so the kid got accidentally
clattered with one of his thumping sticks. Fair enough.
paninis for lunch
They made 6 Euro, a small piece of cloth (probably a neckerchief)
and a banana.
Not a bad days fiddledy really.
Tub in Tub and thumping sticks stowed ...
"Cheers then."
Barry, walking off, gave a tiny wave, a stiff and sharp movement to
the air, bending only from the elbow.
The movement that, to these friends, meant 'cheers then, bye.'
Never sort of half did the movement, 'cos when he started it Barry
was already turned away, so he didn't bother to follow through.
"Cheers then." He said it louder, to counterbalance the lack of full
Never Pardon was all about balancing things.
On the road home an eerie mist was huffing up ...

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