Thursday, 17 December 2009

31 Days

... just as Mandy was off out into town, the dull tatting that she had
noticed turned into a rumble and a masonry incident of plot
developing proportions.
Key Openshoot, from the void next door, had been busy about the
business of the banging and the hanging of a cork board to pin up his
pregnant wife Prim's latest scan.
"Awe FLiPPiN Hell. Sorry Mand, these walls aren't nearly as hardy
as I'd expected. Bloody cheap void partitions.
I was just about to hang this etc.."
Goblosh agape, Mandy just stood there, balanced
(if I'm to be honest) a little unrealistically
.. but balanced none-of-the-less.
Setting her other foot down, she calmed out the words
"Your payin' for that Key, you know that."
... she would sort out the fixality of it while she was out ...
Mandy was easy going like that.

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