Monday, 21 December 2009

31 Days

Walking Mandy back to her void, Never took her hand.
It felt warm, body temperature, as he had hoped for.
Mandy, however, had expected wrongly.
She had expected almost the same as He had.
What she got was a cold touch. It was nice though. She liked it.
Cold like a cup of tea that had gone cold and then put into a glass.
Only this was nice.
"I've .. I've often thought about you Mandy. I missed you."
He stumbled over his feelings, but surprising himself, the words
sounded right.
"I thought you might have started wearing a shirt by now"
On they walked ...
... the best way to her Void was through the terry woganwoods.
They turned to each other and smiled, but then ...
then a dark figure imposed on their moment ...
"iContact !" Mandy whispered, hushed it, gasped it.
"you did what? wait, is that his Name? - !! You KNOW HIM !?"
"Um, he's um, well. He's my "
"No ! no He's not, um, well.
He's my neighbour Prim, He's her brother. I keep telling him to
leave me alone but he's sort of obsessed y'know. FECK OFF!"
"He's a bloody face masher is what HE is."
"He-HE's THE face masher? Oh My God." She went into that
overused sort of whispering that they have kids do in rubbish
modern horror films ... but you know, in this instance it works ...
"we should run"

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