Wednesday, 30 December 2009

31 Days

Stillness and reflection.
Key left iContact unburied on the surface of beanland, that was the
way of things.
He would grow into a beantree and perhaps, one day, repay his debt.
-although it's also possible that he was just too gray and bad and
perhaps, one day, rise again in some sort of evil revenge scenario.
we'll see how the sales of this go -
anyway, so yea
Key, carrying the unconscious Mandy towards that tear in the
fabric of Beanland, turned to Rangar
"Come on. Leave that, that ..." there were not words in Key's
vocabulary to sufficiently blister iContacts existance.
Well nothing polite.
Rangar stopped growlping at the body and moved towards the exit
"So, that was all mad, eh." Rangar had a way with flippancy.
"To say the least"
"Hey, is that bean thing coming with us, yea ?"'That bean thing' yes the beanchild, it's bubbling cocoon scratched
and torn, bean soup spilled, used to dispatch the i of Contact
it was time to move on, to grow.
It, HE, moved towards that rip that was now their exit.
He turned back to where they had buried Never Pardon and
Mr. Crimson ...
... it seemed like Never Pardon HAD amounted to a hill of beans,
well, a mound at any rate. He and Crimson together.
The beanchild smiled. (not pictured here)
He wasn't the most heroic of protagonists, Never, in fact it was Key
Openshoot, HE came through for Mandy ... and Rangar, we must not
forget the Rangar, brave soul.
It's not all about bravery. Never had found Mandy, he had achieved
something he had dared not to dream of.The dog stalled at the opening to look back ... so too, did the beanchild.
He lingered and looked around. His smile faded and he turned away.
As He finally stepped through the exit rip, his orangey light pulled the
edges together and closed the wound

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