Saturday, 19 December 2009

31 Days

Never walked, No, inched along - fiddling with his brand new
#boxshock 'temporal interval indicator.'*Press.
Illuminate ...
Four eighteeeeeeen, fooouuuuuuuurr NINEteen
It's the little things. This little thing was suitably chunkular, with
the latest of green glows and a yellowy after hum.
Orglanite crystals in the backface of the device caused a slight
tingle when it embrightened. The lad in the shop said not to worry
about it.
"It's probably normal" He said.
Hyplotized by it's orglanic instaglow ... Never stopped.
Having realised who he was, Mandy stopped.
An exited butterfly seemed to be caught in her bra area.
He dropped his hand slightly as his focus shifted to her.

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