Wednesday, 16 December 2009

31 Days

"Why, i say WHY are you piling me beans on the floor, there?"
"I can't find a plate or your dish or anything.
Sorry Rangar, it's just, in this void it all blends you know."
"Well, Quite, yes" - Ranger book-ended all his sentences with
'word comma' and 'comma, word'.
"Yea, I prob'ly should've got you that bright colourful bowl.""Right, so do you expect me to eat these off the void, yea?"
Mandy's facial tone changed slightly.
"Sir, I'll get you a bowl 'of colour' if I pop into town, for now, eat
your beans"
He lowered his head and squinted at them.
"Dark, they're awfully dark, these"
"Yes, they've got extra mulch, yum, eat up"
Ranger, like most days, wasn't best impressed with Mandy's work.

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